Welcome to my first blog post! 

My name is Angela and I am here to show you a few tricks of the crafting trade that I have learned in my past 35 years of crafting! 

My pride of my crafting life is my handmade Graveyard I did for 3 years in a row. I started of with a small group of handmade paper mache zombies that I found the inspiration for it on , you guessed it, Pinterest! Items used were lots of cardboard, spray expand foam and lots of dumpster diving! 

My Sisters

I have loved Halloween for as long as I can remember! We had 5 or 6 costumes at times just so we could go around the block more than once. I started decorating small and creepy on my front porch and then it grew into this monstrosity that was dead people all over my yard and it was taking days to set up.

Made from 1 piece of wood, glue and paper towels

As a working mom I was tired ha, so I gave the graveyard up and then eventually all the Trick or Treaters were not walking neighborhoods anyway, WHICH is a shame because my house was cool….

Little Tykes Vanity

I hope you find something you can use here, some inspiration or you can just follow along with me and make what I make!! I have many meduims I work in and have the ability to build things, as evidenced in my graveyard.

Peace and Love,

This is us, we travel to not so far places to find our fun. Along the way we find bits of the countryside to put into crafts! I hope we inspire you to craft a life you love!