Removing wallpaper with my DIY remover!!

Good day all!! I spent the weekend removing wall paper on a wall in my master bedroom that I hung up 12 years ago. Now this might sound like no big deal to some of you but in my infinite wisdom of my younger self I chose Elmer’s School glue to adhere the wallpaper to my wall.

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IF you EVER want something to stay in place such as wallpaper, say for eternity, use school glue! I watered the glue down a little in the bottle, now this particular wallpaper also had the glue on the back soooo…yeah it’s glued. When I hung this us, there was intention of this holding up the wall I guess.

I purchased a bottle of wallpaper remover at a local hardware store, got home with it and we spent a better part of 3 hours attempting to remove this hideous paper from an even more hideous wall. HOURS. Obviously this stuff I paid high dollar for does NOT have the guts for this wallpaper. So off I go to the kitchen to whip up SOMETHING…ANYTHING!!!

I grabbed the container that the other stuff was in, Dawn , and Downy fabric softener. I put 1/2 cup of the fabric softener, and 4 pumps of the soap in the container and added hot water.

Shook it up and off I go to see if this stuff will do any better!

My wallpaper remover all mixed up

I applied it liberally to the wallpaper and then I walked away for about 10 min…honest, I was hungry and needed a PB and J.

MUCH TO MY DISMAY the wallpaper started coming off! Holy wallpaper rolls Batman, this is working better than the stuff I paid 15 bucks for!!

It took us 4 days to remove that paper. I can only scrape the wall for so long before I can no longer do it!! This water needs to be hot to do the job, ok? like from the faucet my water is 155 degrees, that is how hot my water was, and I know it worked because when the water was stone cold the effects were not as dramatic. I am so happy that my mixture worked out and made that job less tedious and it is way more affordable than buying a boatload of that stuff!!

The sticky left on the wall was easily brushed off. We are painting this next weekend and I can’t wait! I have decided if I’m upcycle my furniture or leaving it as is!

I hope you find this idea useful! We are in strange and uncharted times, let’s all create spaces we love TOGETHER!

-Peace and Love,

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