I’m Angela or Ang, a crafty kinda lady that is crazy for Yorkies, Crafting, DIY projects and Upcycling. I along with my Broken Taco have 6 children between the 2 of us so we know what it’s like to have to fashion something from nothing! Living frugal is not a problem for me and I am the Queen of Upcycling!!

We have homes in Texas and Colorado, we travel a lot to the serenity of the mountains so you will get to enjoy some of those tales along the way as our goal is to live there. We have been Dry Camping for 3 years and recently got electricity so our trips up have been warmer for me!! I love it where we are, we have done a lot of work and up in the mountains, the work never stops. Keep your eyes peeled for Broken Taco to be posting about our trips and his projects! 

Halloween art

My mother taught me most of my skills, others I’ve taught myself or honestly they have just come naturally.  I do however, lack the skills and patience for crochet and knitting. Don’t expect to ever gain those patience either, haha. Since we live in Texas you can expect that one of the first money paying crafts I did was Homecoming mums and that is how I earned gas and hot glue money and that was way back in Jr High!! 

I have a passion for teaching, I have done in person crafting sessions and classes at local craft stores for years. I am excited to bring this to you in blog and video style!!  I am teaching myself website building and all that jazz so bear with me as I grow this site and you!!

Peace and love,



I really hope you find the Don’t Give a Craft blog a helpful friend, I run into issues while I craft all the time and I want you to see how I work through issues.   I will have SVG files available in the future that I have created and look forward to growing your skills in crafting, DIY’ing and upcycling!! As I grow and learn how to run a blog I will add newsletters and all that jazz! 

Peace and Love,

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